Well it’s actually Sunday, but I made salsa on Saturday but was too tired to write about it. I made a double batch of my DEE-Licious homemade salsa, medium heat, that made 15 pints plus two half pints. I guess it’s med. heat. I put in 2 cups of jalapeno’s, isn’t that med? My mother in law took a taste and nearly fell on the floor, but she’s got a whimpy heat-o-meter. My kid on the other hand is like me and slurps up the hot stuff. I usually just freeze it, but the old freezer is full from my ever-producing garden! So I canned it. Probably will be better this way, cause I can eat it whenever and not have to remember to lug myself down to the basement to get a jar and then wait forever for it to thaw to get the yummy goodness. If you have never made salsa and you like salsa, DO IT! It is easy and soooo much better than store bought. I will never buy another jar again. I’m willing to share my recipe if anyone is interested. I actually have two favorite recipes, but I can’t seem to find one of them. I think my clutter is procreating behind my back, literally.

I’ve also tossed in a picture of my baby’s first black eye! He actually got it at church last Sunday, he said a little girl pushed him. I told him that he had better get used to women pushing him around 😉
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