curious koi fishSay hello to my little friends as said in my best Cuban accent. For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, this quote (minus the plural) came from Oliver Stone’s movie “Scarface” staring Al Pacino back in 1983. This was required viewing at my house where the mafia and anything drug cartel related was watched half a million times. Well, that and every Spaghetti Western made and Clint Eastwood movie made and then there all the James Bond movies, but I could go on forever. Let’s just say we liked to watch people being shot a lot. Kinda sick now that I think about it.

However, it did shape my movie watching preferences as an adult I’m sure. I still love that kind of movie and shows. I learned last night that James Gandofini died, how sad. Of course, he was the mob boss in “The Soprano’s”. Great series and up there with my all time favorites. He left 2 children I read one not even a year old. You just never know. Another favorite with him in it was “True Romance”. The fight scene with him and Patricia Arquette will have you jumping all over the couch.

Back to the koi fish. Those of you who know me already will know that my koi pond is my favorite spot in my home (when it’s fair weathered out). I’ve got 3 new babies here to add to my pond that currently has about 7 or 8 other koi already in there. That and about forty seven hundred Bluegill because my husband thought it would be a good idea to use the lake water to fill the pond. You can dip them out with a net, fillet them and have fresh Bluegill for dinner if you wanted. Bluegill are tasty. They are big in that pond because they have been eating koi fish food and are living in a fish paradise. I know this because they reproduce like there is no tomorrow. If only the koi would copulate like that. Then I wouldn’t have to pay a premium for these glorified goldfish.

bag of three baby koi ready to go into the koi pond

Ahhh but how I love to watch them swim…

koi fish babies

Watch with me…

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