Today my little man had his second day of school. He is in the first grade and I can hardly believe it. You may be wondering why I’m showing the 2nd day of school picture instead of the first. Well, that would be because the bus came ten minutes earlier than he said he would yesterday! He was honking his horn as Asher was getting his shoes on. So here is the first day… running late.
I didn’t even get a “bye Mom” or a kiss or nothing. He didn’t either. All he got was “run, baby run!” haha
So today we had a re-do. Here it is…
there goes my baby
He was up in a flash today. Good thing, because the bus came 5 minutes earlier than yesterday! But he loved riding the bus, although I can’t imagine it will last. He is on it for a long time, about 45 minutes I’d say. Then he has to wait around in the school for it to begin. I’ll probably soon be taking him, once the newness has wore off and he wants to sleep later.
In other news, I have managed to paint a fall painting. I haven’t named it yet, but am thinking of Dreaming Amber… not sure. What do you think?
I also want to mention to my Blogger friends that I am soon leaving Blogger and moving over to WordPress in order to get all my art business related stuff together on one site, you know things like my website, shop, etc.. I sincerely hope you will come over there and continue stay in touch with me. I’ll have a link to get there, more about it later. It’s a work in progress at the moment, but it’s coming soon. I’ve even got a newsletter in the works. Busy times.

Click to purchase a print of "Dreaming Amber"

Click to purchase a print of “Dreaming Amber”

Dreaming Amber?

Well with all this new found time, I’m off to do more creating! Have a happy day…

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