I finally finished my self portrait page and mailed it yesterday. It was supposed to be mailed the last of April (sorry Brandy!) but better late than never, right?

Over all, I like the look and the colors turned out pretty good. My portrait though really doesn’t look too terribly much like me. If I were more brave I’d post the picture I painted this from. I improvised and took my creative license to the max on this… haha. Plus, as I’ve said I really am just learning to paint so I make it up as I go along. Like I’ve told a few already, my face isn’t a very good Caucasian skin color. I ended up looking more like a pink pig. Now I have rosacea, but even my face isn’t this pink 😉

I was going to use this for Paint Party Friday, but I’ll either use a quick acrylic painting I made for my girlfriend who just graduated and got her certificate for a new career (hopefully) or I’ll be getting busy tomorrow night. My money is on the acrylic. Tomorrow is a busy day.

I finally got my tomatoes planted YAY! and zuchinni, cantaloupe, watermelon and corn. Still need to get out the beans, yellow squash, peppers and jalapeno’s. Pumpkins in a month or so. I am loving the warm temps that we have been having. I’m a warm weather girl.

Check out my little man fishing on Monday, how cute is that? Look at that cast… haha!

Also, it seems I have yet another member of the fur family to introduce. I’ll post more about him with a picture in a later post. I will tell you he is of the feline persuasion and I’ve already named him. His name is Buster Brown.

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