A week ago, I delivered a dreamscape painting to a new collector. The painting he bought was one of my dreamscape paintings. Well, that’s what I call them I’m not sure if that’s an official category for painting styles. Anyway, when thinking of a title for this post, Selling dreams and paintings just came to me.

That’s really what I do if I think about it. Unless I’m painting a bridal bouquet or a commission or even a particular landscape, I’m mostly painting images from my dreams. Actual dreams and daydreams including my imagination. That’s my favorite kind of painting to do. Stuff I just make up.

This painting titled Suddenly Quiet Stirring is part of a series called Ancestral Lands. There are two more similar paintings in the series so far and I’m leaving the series open because I may add more paintings under this grouping. I like to leave my options open. You may remember me talking about the creation of these dreamscape paintings here.

Here’s a few photos I took of the series thus far with my phone camera on my deck. The colors aren’t precise, in fact these show it a little more dulled than how the paintings are in real life. At least the yellows are. It’s weird how some colors do that.

Suddenly Quiet Stirring dreamscape painting by Jaime-Haney

Selling dreams and paintings

The other two paintings in that series are Hushed Stillness and Absent but not Empty. They’re both still available as of this writing. As usual, I’m so busy, I haven’t listed them on my website but they are for sale. Sometimes, I could use an assistant. Or if I could clone myself, that would be awesome.

These paintings truly are like selling my dreams. Each painting originates from my thoughts and experiences. These in particular have to do with family. It’s rare that I paint anything that I don’t have personal connection with. Even commissions which are often other peoples ideas for paintings stir up emotions and associations that I can relate to and I pour those feelings into that painting.

Sandefur was very interested in the painting. Apparently, he has great taste!

Sandefur the orange cat-with-dreamscape-painting-on-deck

Here’s the other two dreamscape paintings, Absent but not Empty and Hushed Stillness.

Eclipsing moon dreamscape painting

Hushed Stillness

Dreamscape painting of the moon rising behind trees and hills

Absent but not Empty

In other news, here’s an update on Daryl:

My last post was about my husband, Daryl, who had a nasty ATV accident two weeks ago today. Well, two weeks later and while he’s slowly making progress he needs surgery for his broken collarbone. This past week, we had 4 separate follow up doctor appointments in town. When I say in town, that’s the far east side of Evansville and about an hour from us. Multiple X-rays again and huge struggles with getting him pain meds.

Apparently, you’re just assumed to be an addict without a thought. Our pharmacy is Walmart and they have cut us off at the knees, over powering the doctors prescriptions. I’ve dug into old pills of mine so he can rest. I guess that proves you’re not a drug addict if you have old pain pills in the cabinet, huh? It’s extremely frustrating.

With all the stress of this, my dad has been recovering from Covid. Yes, he’s been vaccinated early this year. He’s fine now and is recovered, thankfully. The only thing that remains is he hasn’t regained his sense of smell or taste. I can sympathize, the same happened to me when I had Covid last December. It took months for my full smell to come back. There’s more, but I won’t go into it. It’s been a bit much, so I’m still accepting prayers and good vibes 😉

Oh hey, speaking of Covid, if you’re in need of a spiffy face mask, since we’re all doing that again, I’ve got some of my paintings printed on them here. You can move the painting around on the mask to set it just like you want it. I get a small commission but everything will be shipped from Fine Art America. Sales are much appreciated, but please know Fine Art America never shares with me who bought something from me so drop me a line if you buy something so I can thank you proper.

I hope your weekend is going good. I’ll be back soon. -Jaime

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paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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selling dreams and paintings

A blog post about selling paintings from my dreams and imagination from Jaime Haney, New Harmony Indiana contemporary artist.

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