Pictures of GeeJayCreations 1st Show!

Wow! Hinds site really is 20/20. Looking at these pictures tonight for the first time really gives me a peak at what the public saw of our booth. It’s okay, but not great. I see a lot of room for improvement. To give myself a little credit though, I did throw this together in record time with all of the cutting, matting, packaging of everything you see on the rack that isn’t framed done on Friday the day before the show. I’m glad I’m looking at these to help improve our look before our next show which looks like will be April 24th unless we run across something that is sooner. So we have some time.

The large framed pieces are from my Photomontage side of my business, separate from GeeJay Creations. Also, there are still quite a few of my original note cards on the spinner rack, which we got for $15 a flea market! What a deal! Doesn’t it look professional?
My tablecloth, which is just a large piece of polyester straight from the bolt needs some attention for sure. It doesn’t cover all the way to the floor or sides and doesn’t cover at all hardly on the other side. Even though it opens up to the neighbors booth (see below), I want it to look nice. I also want to address the floor under the booth to utilize that space a little better.

Gale had some good ideas of adding some signs explaining what we do so that people will actually come up and read the poetry. She also had an idea for our larger 6×9 greeting cards which won’t fit on the spinner rack. Let me see what you all think of this:
I think it has potential and want your opinions again. Her idea is to have a large piece of fabric (think shower curtain size) and sew clear pockets made from plastic to slide our cards in to display them. It would need to be hung so I thought of a self standing rack that we could use as a wall behind our table. It will only utilize the space above the table and people would have to reach over the table to pull them out. What do you guys think? Can you think of something else? We are looking for another spinner rack for cheap in the bigger size but until then, I kinda like the idea of having blinders on the people when they come in our booth. What I mean when I say blinders is they couldn’t look into another booth unless they stepped out of ours. It would kinda shut out our neighboring booth which I don’t like to seem unfriendly but we could use the vertical space that way. They may actually like it, because it would give them a backdrop for their stuff.
What are your thoughts? Ideas?
More close up pictures of some of our work we are selling on a post tomorrow. I’m about ready to set up Etsy! Thank you all for your support, you all just make my day when I read your comments 🙂
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