Well I started rearranging my art studio/sewing room. I’m giving up on trying to paint and draw down here in the kitchen. Like that works anyway. My supplies sitting there on the bar, sending me disappointed thoughts from under the papers, boxes, canning stuff, toys and a barrage of other things. See it there? No? I don’t know why! Ha ha… I’m showing you all this picture to shame myself into cleaning it off. I will proudly display it again when it is cleared. And my art box is there in the middle with the handle on it. Beyond that a little is a Lipton Tea box with brushes, pencils, etc. waiting to be used.

Back to my art room. I’ve had it set up for way too many tasks and none of them get done properly. When I sew, the sewing stuff takes over. Since I can’t seem to actually finish anything (I have a really cute sleeveless top that I started making 2 summers ago, and yes it’s still there. I just push it to the side if I need to make something, like my Halloween costume for last year. Orange feathers and black satin still liter the floor. So I’ve decided to move the sewing stuff out, give it its own little nook in another area of the house and give myself the place to create that I desperately need. I started on Friday and my back still hurts. But it’s getting there. I need a little more motivation. It’s hard to make myself do that especially with the fabulous weather we’ve been having. But I’ve got some art shows coming up and really need to accomplish some more things before they are here. I wish I could mentally make the visions I see in my head. Wouldn’t that be cool? I could send blog entries telepathically and answer emails and paint these fantastic huge pieces all while sitting in the comfort of my well worn leather couch. Ahhh… I can dream can’t I?
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