Since school has started back up, my summer vacation has ended as well. I tend to not paint much during the summer so I can do things with my son and work in my gardens.

I’ve just finished a new corn painting of all things yesterday. It’s part of a commissioned series of vegetables. You may remember the “Summer of Purple”, a purple bell pepper painting? This is part of that series and I’ve got one more to complete the commission, a tomato! As much as I love tomatoes, I don’t know why it took a commission to get me to paint one.

So these paintings are already spoken for, but I have prints available. I rather like how this series is turning out with it’s smoky hot and mysterious vibe I’ve got going so I think I’ll continue to add to the series of veggies. I’m growing some cayenne peppers and that would be good for that whole smokin’ hot theme. I’m up for suggestions as well. Got any?

Here’s the photos I took while painting. It’s always fun to see the progression, don’t you think?

I have found I like painting on a toned canvas. Here is the initial sketch.

work in progress photo 1


I am blocking in the shapes here.

work in progress photo 2 of painted corn


Wait, they’re starting to look like baked potatoes! Never fear… there is a method to my madness.

work in progress photo 3 of painted cornAdd the kernels and now we have corn!

work in progress photo 4 of painted cornHere is a close up of the corn for no good reason really.

detail of corn, work in progress photo 5 of painted cornNow I’m making it look like a fire roasted corn painting don’t you think?

work in progress photo 6 of painted cornThe addition of the husks made my husband happy. He wasn’t seeing my vision before I had added them. He’s so impatient! I was getting to them…

So here is the finished fire roasted corn painting what do you think?

Finshed and signed painted cornIt looks tasty enough to eat! I’m really happy how this turned out. Next on my agenda is painting the tomato to match.

I do take commissions if you’d like to have me paint something specifically for you. Just contact me at

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paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana


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