So there was a snake incident a couple of weeks ago.

Let me set the scene. It was an evening like any other evening. After having just washed my hair I was minding my own business drying it under my salon style dryer. This has been my preferred method of drying my curly hair for years. I often look at the ceiling wondering if there are any snakes up there.

me looking up at ceiling for more snakes

I sat there with a glass of tea, my dog Zoey at my feet and a cat in my lap. This time it was Loki, the little orange one.

That’s when it happened. I caught a split second glimpse of something falling from the ceiling and onto me then bounce off my left shoulder. I screamed and leapt up out of that chair so fast I nearly jumped on top of Zoey. Loki, as if he had anticipated it, had already made it upstairs in I swear 2 bounces.

At first, I thought it was a mouse. I looked down to see it and sic Zoey on it (she’s the most badass mouse hunter in all the world) and saw it was a snake! I’m sure it was as shocked as I was! I think I lost a year off my life and I may have peed my pants.

It must’ve been using the wire as a way to get to and fro as the wires are directly above me. Below is my view looking up from my dryer.

floor joists of the main floor

snake incident

It crawled up the wall as I finished drying my hair. Yes, I sat back down and watched it. My husband was horrified after I told him the next day. Had it been him, I think I’d be a widow right now.

snake crawling up wall

Why didn’t you kill it?! he asked.

Well for one, I couldn’t reach it. Besides, I never kill snakes. I usually take them back outside. One year I did live with a snake in my greenhouse. We had an arrangement. It wasn’t supposed to scare me and I’d try not to scare it. Hah.

Snake incident

Oh boy, spring is here. I’d rather have snakes than mice. We have both apparently.

I’m not surprised it happened, but it was rather shocking at the time. Now I just laugh. We get them every year but I’ve never had one dive bomb me. We used to have the sticky traps for the brown recluse spiders, but I stopped putting them out. They kept catching baby snakes. Know how to get a snake off a sticky trap? Vegetable oil and a little patience. Oh and you can’t be scared of snakes.

I’m all into nature but this after the mink killing over half my koi fish and now being dive bombed by a snake I may have met my limit.

Oh and if you’re wondering, no I haven’t seen it since but you can bet I look up at those wires before I sit down. 😬

snake caught on sticky trap

⬅︎ A mink in our midst  /  Vagabond Aged Map ➡

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