Little boy in riding gear on dirt road

Look at that little guy. Who would know he is hell on wheels. 4 wheels. Maybe you can tell by all the mud. He was in absolute heaven last week while we were enjoying spring break 4 wheeling in northeastern Tennessee at Brimstone Recreation ATV Park. Let me give you a short little run down of our trip.

beautiful vistas from atop a mountain in Brimstone Recreation Park

Here is the view from atop a lookout. Yes that is snow on the mountains. It was so cold the first day. It barely got up to 28˚ F the first day and the sun was not shining. That was the temp down in the city of Huntsville, Tennessee below, I’m sure it was a lot colder on top of the mountain with the wind especially. It snowed off and on the whole day. But the views were beautiful.standing on top of an Appalachian mountain in northeastern Tennessee

Here is Asher and I and our friends son, Tristan. He was on a 4 wheeler too. My husband and I were in a side by side. See how wrapped up we are!

looking down a trail in Brimstone Recreation park

This is from the top of one of the trails we took. It was slicker than owl shit.portrait shot of Jaime and Daryl in our Razor

Here is me and my hubby. I look like a ninja.The whole gang on top of a mountain at a lookout spot in Appalachia Mountains in Northeastern Tennessee

Here is the whole gang. Look how little my sweet boy looks. These are friends of ours from way back, Bryan and Robin. It’s so enjoyable to have friends that you can do fun things with and enjoy vacations together. You might recognize Robin as being my ghost hunting buddy 😉 which reminds me, I’m way behind on posting about our latest ghost escapades! Let me know if you would like to hear about those in my comments.view of ridge tops through naked trees with snow on mountains in the distance

Back to the road trip… Here is a view through the trees to the mountains. It was a great short trip and we plan to go back maybe as soon as June. Hopefully the weather will be a lot warmer!

To end on a funny note is a video of Asher doin’ his thang! And I’m sure he had a big grin on his face while he was doin’ it. You’ll get a kick out of it. See ya next time!

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