Yesterday, I woke up half expecting to get up and start the first day back to school after winter break and half way expecting a snow day. The latter was true. So, with no problem whatsoever I rolled over and fell quickly back asleep.

Isn’t sleeping in just one of life’s most luxurious feelings? I think it is and thankfully, so does my son. We slumbered for a delicious two more hours.

Snow on the greenhouse and the sun trying to peek out

Snow on the greenhouse and the sun trying to peek out

After we finally woke up and went to the kitchen, we saw that a winter wonderland had silently blanketed the landscape. There was snow on the greenhouse and of course everywhere else. It was our first snow of the winter season and it was beautiful.

I got my pot of tea going and then sat down to enjoy the view. While I definitely prefer warmer temperatures and greenery, the winter has a solemn beauty to it. I do love to see the lay of the land and when the snow reaches the ground in the woods, you can see all the little hills and valleys that are in there.

view from kitchen deck of lake and trees covered in snow

view from kitchen deck

lake and woods in snow

Solemn beauty

Below is a peek down into Studio Gardens by the greenhouse from the deck. Somewhere down there flowers are sleeping. I leave as many seed heads as I can for my feathered friends and flower stalks and canes for the honey bees. It looks like a wreak, but the wildlife appreciates it. I, of course, cannot wait for spring!

Studio Gardens under a light blanket of snow

Studio Gardens under a light blanket of snow

My birds were waiting at the feeder so I pulled on some boots and filled it up. Back inside to the warm and cozy kitchen for my first glass of tea… always the best. The cats love to watch the birds eat. I also have a suet feeder you cannot see in this photo, it’s just out of range, but it’s right at the window and drives them nuts.

Mocee a tuxedo cat sitting in the window watching the birds eat

Mocee watching the birds eat

Zoey doesn’t care about the birds when she’s konked out and sleeping in front of the heater vent in the sunshine. I actually took this photo of her the day before the snow, but rest assured she’s on that bed as I type, just curled up more. I wanted to share the look of bliss on her as that is how I feel when I sleep late!

Zoey peacefully sleeping

Zoey peacefully sleeping

I thought “Oh I should photograph this and share on my blog”, so that’s what I’m doing. Today is Friday but the snow is still around because it is like the Arctic here! I took Asher to school this morning and it was 13˚ F! As I write this, it’s 14˚ F and it’s time to go pick him up and the sun is shining, ugh. We’re in for a long cold weekend. I hear that the south is supposed to get a bunch of snow this weekend. It’s missing us. (here in southern Indiana) But by next Tuesday 58˚ is predicted with rain showers.

On and off it snowed for most of the day yesterday but only left us with a couple of inches.

snow falling gently on the greenhouse

Snowing again!

Here’s a super short video of the birds that I took actually by mistake, but I loved to hear the pond and see the little finch hop around the feeder and the tufted nuthatch peck at his sunflower seed so I kept it. I’m not sure why it’s sideways and I don’t know how to fix it, so just crook your neck 😉

Happy New Year to you!

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