A Girl and Her Bird Abstract intuitive paintingThis last art show called Art in the Park was good to me. I sold 3 original paintings and many prints and note cards. I am excited to tell you about the sold paintings and a little about their new owners.

The above painting is called “A Girl and her Bird” and is an intuitive painting. She has a new home with another artist and I was very happy for her to have it. Prints are still available if you’re interested here. Here’s my method for an intuitive painting:  As I paint this type of painting, I start with a white gesso’d substrate and use a brush with india ink to start painting random lines. I then allow the painting to basically paint itself. It morphs into a scene that I see and I pull out what wants to be seen. I never know what the final painting will look like until the piece tells me it’s finished. After the india ink, I paint mostly with metallic acrylics but also non metallic. The end result for the original is a shimmering beautiful piece that reminds me of a painted mosaic. The flatness of the india ink and the contrast of the shimmering metallic is something I like very much.

The next painting sold was “Beautiful Dreamer” of my “Nevermore Series” to a fun, young hip couple. They oohed and ahhed over it but couldn’t make up their mind if they wanted a print or the original so they took a little break from it but next thing I knew they were back and giddy with their decision. I know it will have a great home with the other original art in their collection. I asked them to send me a photo of the painting in its new home and if they do, I’ll make sure I share it here. I hope they do, it makes me feel great to see my work on other peoples walls.

Painting of distinguished raven wearing a purple top hat

The final original painting I sold was what I call a miniature. “Snowy Night” went home with this most charming young lady all but about 7 years old. Mine was not her first, oh no. She is already an accomplished collector with a painting from Australia and another far away place I cannot recall at the moment. How wonderful it is to see parents teaching their children culture. She will be (and already is!) a great patron of the arts and I am proud to have had the painting that she found worthy to add to her collection. Prints of course are still available here.

owl perched on snowy branch in night

Snowy Night

Before I go, I wanted to show you my booth set up with my new, yes I said new, graphic display system I just bought. I know I just had made a new wall for my booth, but it wouldn’t stand up in grass and this new purchased one looks really professional. I made the covers for it myself. Ain’t I the handy one? Ha ha, see you next time.

My booth at Art in the Park outside view My booth at Art in the Park inside view

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