my local Blick Art Materials storeSo last Sunday (6/30/13) there was an opening and a reception for the Spirit of Summer Window Art Show at Blick Art Materials that I attended. I had a piece that had gotten in the exhibit, “All Ablaze”, and I wanted to see all the art, take advantage of the deals and free tie dye presentation. I got to try out their fabric dye called Jacquard Procion MX and it is now on my list of supplies I want. I had so much fun creating the designs with colors and rubber bands on my shirt that I can’t wait to try it again. Only I have bigger and better ideas!

My experience with fabric dye up until this point has been Rit Dye, and it was less than intense. It fades as soon as you wash it and the colors get dull. I was told by the Tie Dye Queen there at Blick, that these dyes are so much better. You should’ve seen some of the cool ideas she had for designs.

My little painting (8x8) called All Ablaze See my little painting in the middle? The sunflower… the stages of painting it in the window art along with mine in the windowAhh… So many irons in the fire. I’m currently working on some freelance design work right now. I’ve got some sewing projects I want to get done and paintings to create. The time just keeps flying. What all are you doing with your summer? Have you ever played around with fabric dye? Got any tips?

Here’s my new shirt!

Me and my new tie dye shirt

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