Well it’s October and finally cooler around here. Well just by a couple days. In fact, we broke records for the heat last week. Today it’s a spooky overcast day and that makes for a good time to share my new print I have available in my shop.

I’ve been working on updating my online shop. With that, I’ll be adding more and more items that I have, but just haven’t listed yet. I’ve got several original paintings that I haven’t listed and tons of prints.

The print I’m sharing today is of Sabrina, the Sugar Skull. You may remember her from a post a couple weeks ago. The original painting sold right away. But now I have prints available here in many sizes and pricing options.

The new owner of Sabrina posted a couple fun photos of where she’s currently displaying her. Check out the spooky vignette below.

She’s a friend of mine and I happen to know she loves Halloween as much as I do and she goes all out for decorating her home. In fact, she’s bought more than a few paintings from me and some of them are spooky in nature.

A spooky vignette with a witch, pumpkin, lit candle and sugar skull painting.
Jody’s spooky vignette this year.

If the above framed painting in the shadows looks familiar it’s because I painted that for my friend Jody. I’ve not made prints of that yet, but it’s on my ever growing list of things to do.

graveyard painting
Jody holding “Seeking Answers”

Someday I’ll work on prints for this one. Although I’m not sure how many people will be interested in a graveyard painting. Surely Jody and I aren’t the only ones who enjoy spooky art to make their own spooky vignette with.

One more shot of Sabrina in Jody’s home.


I’ve recently organized my shop a bit better. I now have categories for paintings and prints instead of just lumping them all in under one or the other. I hope it makes for a better shopping experience. So if you’re interested, you can now buy the Sabrina print here.

⬅︎ Fall Funk in the City in the Books Bridal Bouquet Painting ➡︎

paintings by Jaime Haney

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