spring fling logo for new harmony indianaHere’s my Spring Fling Review… This past weekend was the first show of the year for me, Spring Fling in New Harmony Indiana. It also happened to be the first day of spring while I was there but it sure didn’t seem like it. The weather was fairly cold and drizzly. That may or may not have impacted the customer turnout.

I participated in Spring Fling last year and I even had the the same spot. I saw lots of familiar vendor faces and met a bunch of new ones. I’m not sure what happened but the crowd just wasn’t there this time. I saw advertising signs for Spring Fling in several places and I even had people tell me they were in different towns, too. (The signs that is)

Marketing is such an important ingredient for a successful turn out.

I don’t know what makes people decide whether or not they will attend a show, I wish I did. I could probably bottle that information up and sell it like crazy! Unfortunately for all of us vendors, the attendance was considerably down this year and the amount of vendors was way up. Funny how that happens. There were so many vendors in fact that they had to open another building to accommodate them all. I have to say I was grateful to be in the main building.

The New Harmony Business Association, the ones who run the show, did what they could to smooth the ruffled feathers and are always helpful and friendly. Here’s a shout out to Chris and Paula, they worked throughout the whole thing helping everyone with a smile on their face. I appreciate all their hard work.

The ones that ended up in another building must’ve got their application in later than the rest. I saw a few of them during set up the night before and they were not happy at all. The extra building that housed the over flow of vendors was the Catholic Center, just a short walk from the main building and show which was in the Ribeyre Gym. I understand both sides to this story. The show officials are trying to accommodate everyone and thus have a full and entertaining show for the patrons, which in turn make us vendors happy. Plus, they don’t really want to leave anyone out. Sadly, for everyone the weather wasn’t cooperative and that made it less comfortable to walk over to the other building. I did see a large sign pointing to the building when I arrived Saturday morning and I know I myself tried to remember and tell the patrons there was another building to check out.

Spring Fling always has food and soft drinks, too. I saw chili dogs and nachos walking around. I know there was other selections but those really caught my hungry eye! MMMmmm! Outside they seem to always have a vendor selling their famous Kettle Corn… ah heaven!! So delicious. This year, there was also 3 chicks Fudgery tempting everyone with their many different flavors of fudge like Butterfinger and salted caramel and orange dream. Ohhhhh my.

Spring Fling is what I call a mish mash show, meaning there are all kinds of vendors selling all kinds of items. You’ll find everything from handmade anodized titanium rings to national brands like DoTerra and Young Living essential oils, antiques, paintings, jewelry (fine and crafty), crocheted work, wood burned gourds, purses and the list went on and on. Usually, I don’t set up at these types of shows as the average patron is not expecting to see art like my paintings for sale and the price point most likely isn’t on par with the expectation as it would be for the crafts. While I do have a large number of lower price points on products  like note cards and art prints, for the most part this was not an art crowd.

I did however meet a few art appreciators. It’s always a relief when they show up and especially when they want to gab. I’m all about gabbing about art. There was one guy from the St. Lois area that was a big impressionist fan. While my style isn’t particularly Impressionism, he was impressed with many of my pieces and did purchase a nice print to take home with him. He even mentioned he thought some of my works were reminiscent of Paul Gogan! I’ll take that as a very nice compliment, I can see where some of my color combinations would be similar.

As usual though, I meet the friendliest people at shows and had many of my friends in the show, not to mention the ones that come to the show to show their support (Thank you Patti & Connie!). Just hanging out with them for the weekend can make up for a down show. You get caught up what’s new with them, the scoop on new shows that I haven’t done and I find out tips and tricks on booth and display ideas (thank you Kotah!). Of course I always find things that I myself want to buy and I do. Sometimes a down show means the vendors are out shopping and we all buy from one another!

Here are a some shots of my booth this time. My booth neighbors were Tony and Christy Treadway with Tony’s awesome pottery and Sara Rappee with her beautiful Handmade Stone and Silver Jewelry!

Spring Fling art booth Spring Fling art booth Spring Fling art booth Spring Fling art booth Spring Fling art booth Spring Fling art booth

All in all Spring Fling is a good show, just not a good show for art. I might end up doing it again next year you just never can tell. I do like that it is in March and I think that people are ready to get out and start doing things again. Christmas debts are hopefully paid off and people are getting spring fever and tax checks.

I’ve been having a promotion at each of my shows for a long time now that if you sign up for my email list, then you get entered in a drawing for a free matted print. I draw only from the list of sign ups from that show so odds are really good! This show the winner was Ann R. from New Harmony. Congratulations to Ann and thanks to all who signed up, a newsletter will be hitting your email boxes very soon.

My next show that I probably will do is in June. Ugh, hopefully it won’t be too hot and there will be good weather and not storms or rain. I have two choices for a summer show this year and they are of course on the same day. There is one called Riverbend Arts Festival in Mount Vernon Indiana and also Arts in Harmony in New Harmony Indiana, which is usually the first weekend in May, has been moved to June this year. Riverbend Arts Festival would be new for me and honestly I think I’m leaning towards it. It’s on the riverfront and might get new eyes to see my paintings. Either one I select, I’ve got some time to get some new paintings done. I’ll have more details about it in the future about which one I pick. You can always keep up with shows and exhibits I’m in on my Events Page here.

Oh by the way, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter and you’re interested in my art, you too can have a chance to win a small piece of art with the current promotion I’m running to build my list. Once a month, anyone who is on my list is entered to win regardless if you just signed up or have been a long time supporter. This month, there is a really pretty abstract up for grabs! You’ve got until March 30th to get signed up for the March 2016 giveaway. Here are the details for giveaway. The photo below is the original piece I’m giving away!

Small original abstract painting shown horizontally in frame

As always thank you for your support of my art and for reading the blog. I hope my Spring Fling Review might have helped whether you’re a shopper or a vendor!

If you’re new to my blog and website have a look at my ‘About’ page in the menu at the top. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts in the form of expressionism. If you’re interested in my art, I have a newsletter mailed about once a month that gives you special status for invitations, birthday greeting and more. Sign up here for it.

paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

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