Astilbe just sprouting

the red tender sprouts of Astilbe

Today I’m making up for missing day 6 which was Sunday and today, Monday is day 7 of my 30 Days in my life. Yesterday I was out in the yard all day since it was a gorgeous day, the first of many to come. We’ve had such a cold spring here so far that I have not gotten out in the gardens to clean up. I made up for lost time yesterday and got a lot accomplished. Leaves raked out of beds, old wood and flower stalks snapped off – I always leave all I can up for the birds. They love coneflower and zinnia in the cold months. I even pruned my crepe myrtle for the first time ever, but I didn’t commit crepe murder which is commonly done by whacking off the poor thing at the knee. I carefully selected the branches that needed to be trimmed and cut the whole thing down to about 7 feet. Yes, I was wielding sharp loppers on top of a ladder, my mother would’ve been horrified, but I lived.

hostings poking up

Hostas poking up their head to see if the coast is clear

Today I discovered so much that is peeking its head up ready for warm sunshine. It’s these warm days that beckon me out of my studio. I am always torn. There is so much to do in regards to both. I’ve got a show in like 3 weeks (YIKES! 3 weeks?!) but then Mother Nature doesn’t wait on anybody. Spring has finally sprung. In fact we are in for a chance of severe weather Wednesday. Today was more of the same and also included planting some boxwood in front that I bought last year and moving lots of lilies and hostas and even got brave and moved some daffodils that are just about to bloom. Brave or stupid. hmmm. don’t answer that.

spring leaves on hydrangea

Spring finally sprung and the hydrangea leaves are peeking out from a long winters nap


if you could only smell this hyacinth… divine!

grape hyacinths

Happy little Grape Hyacinths

white daffodil

Jonquil or daffodils? I don’t remember but pretty none the less.

mint growing

Mint growing under the old Black Walnut tree

pansies waiting to be planted

Patiently waiting Pansies

cardinal in tree singing

I was serenaded by this cardinal

terra cotta toad house

My little terra cotta toad house ready for tenants

transplanted  tulips

Tulips I transplanted, hopefully they will still bloom this year.

Zoey the dog sunning herself

Zoey enjoying the warmth and sunning herself.

When it was time to get Little Man from school, we had some play sessions on the trampoline after a quick snack. Nothing like bouncing to make you giggle lots and wear out and old girl like me. He can go and go. Man, I miss that energy. Although, I don’t recall having quite the energy he has but I’m sure it was more than I have now. I’ll leave you with our giggling jumping. If that doesn’t make you smile well then you need to check your happiness scale.


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