Spring Gardens Tour part 2

I promised I’d show the rest of my photos from late April and early May and here they are. As I was getting them ready to post, I am just so amazed as how fast everything has filled in since I took these photos just a few short weeks ago. Of course it happens every year and every year I’m equally surprised at how fast Mother Nature is.

On with the show… Here’s Zoey again looking down at the flowers. She’s standing on a piece of wood just above my koi fish pond waterfall.

Zoey, my studio dog, looking at the flowers

Speaking of koi fish pond, here are some lily pads. If you would like to see more of my koi fish pond and actual fish, check out these posts.

lily pads

Out on the lake were some Canadian geese swimming. They swim so gracefully but are a noisy bunch.

geese swimming

Looking towards the house and over the koi pond is where I keep my tender seedlings I’ve been growing in my greenhouse. Notice the trashy white exercise equipment that needs to be hauled away. Too heavy for me to pick up and move, so I’m left waiting for the hubs to find the time.

Studio Gardens not ready for spring yet - it's a mess!

This is bellflower, it’s not flowering yet but when it does it is so pretty. It’s going to have purple flowers. (It’s blooming now, just not when I took the photo)

Bellflower or campanula getting ready to bloom

The little garden at the entrance of my greenhouse. That’s a spirea in the center, hollyhock behind it and lots of other stuff.

entrance garden to greenhouse

Holler when you see it in the next photo!

little toad hiding under lychnis

Did you see the little toad hiding?

Here’s the creeping thyme growing very happily alongside the steps.

creeping thyme

I love this dark foliage perilla but it keeps me busy pulling it up.

dark foliage perilla

Almost at the top of the steps is my garden fairy and Miss Bateman, a white clematis vine. More bellflower in front of fairy.

clematis vine Miss Bateman

A pretty little vignette with a stone I got from family at my mother’s funeral.

garden vingnette under black walnut tree

Both the above photo and the one below are under an old black walnut tree. Yellow coreopsis blooms early.

under the black walnut tree

Out in the grassy area (weedy area I should say) is my brown turkey fig I planted last year. I was beginning to get worried about it, but it has finally flushed out some leaves. Whew.

brown turkey fig not leafed out yet

Oh and under the black walnut tree again is this lovely hardy begonia. I love how the underneath of the leaves look with their red veins. That’s why I planted it there, so you can see them as you climb the stairs.

underside of hardy begonia leaves

Forgot about the purpletop Vervain, or vebena. It is going to have a new home in Studio Gardens which is down stairs near the pond.

Purpletop Vervain or also called purple verbena

Up in the circle garden of the front side yard is a lot of things, but here is a beautiful old fashioned white iris. It is so fragrant, I just love it.

old fashioned fragrant white iris flower

A little broader view of that circle garden. The Jose Lilac was still blooming, another great one for fragrance. I got that as a bare root from Gurney’s I think. In the circle garden I’ve got goldenrod in the center, Stoke’s Aster in front of it, daylily next to that and false indigo next to the daylily. More bellflower in there and hibiscus.

circle garden

Last one, this golden spiderwort. I just love this punch of lime green, don’t you? My friend Lynda gave this to me. It stays nice and compact.

golden spiderwort

I’ve already been snapping more photos and will share them as the gardens progress. Time marches on! Thanks for looking.

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