I haven’t given a garden tour this year yet and everyday things change. I’m already so behind. I’m amazed that it is already the middle of May.

I’ve got a ton of photos because that’s what a gardens tour is all about, right?! So what I’ll do is break up the tour into a couple or three blog posts. Come back each day and see what I’ve added.

I’ve taken these photos as far back as early April so my gardens look even different as I type this.  Oh well, I can’t keep up. I had an art show this past Saturday so I’ve been getting ready for it instead of taking photos and actually gardening. On the plus side, I’ve got lots of new paintings to share with you on another post.

Let the gardens tour begin! Pretend we’ve just walked outside of the art studio and around greenhouse and looked up the steps. Look how pretty! Zoey the studio dog is smelling the flowers, haha. Who remembers me carving this out of the hill a couple of years ago? Here’s a refresher post.

rustic steps along greenhouse

I just stepped back a little to show the flowers around my feet.

rustic steps along greenhouse

I just stepped back a bit because these beautiful Siberian iris’s are blooming and look great in front of the metal lattice trellis.

siberian irs

Here is a new clematis vine I planted last year. It didn’t bloom then, so I was so excited to see this gorgeous flower color a few weeks ago. It’s called City of Lyons clematis.

red violet flowers of city of lyons clematis vine

Next to the Siberian iris, is my hollyhock that didn’t bloom last year. It will this year, because it’s already sent up a flower stalk since I took this photo and I can’t wait to see it. The yellow and rose leafed shrub to the left is a spirea and in the center front is purple yarrow.

Hollyhock and Siberian iris

This pink and white dianthus has got tons of blooms on it.

Pink and white Dianthus

I finally got around to planting the iris’s a friend gave me last year. I ended up losing a few and the tags she put in them telling me what kind of flower they will have faded so they are mystery colors until next year I suppose. The white one is an old fashioned iris and is so fragrant, I’ve moved divisions around all the house.

newly planted iris along the banks of the lake

Next to that red planter is this fun piece of garden art that is close to my heart. My Grandpa Shell made it. I remember him working on them years and years ago. No telling how many mallard duck whirlybirds he made or where they are now, but I’m happy to have two of them.

Grandpa's homemade whirlybird duck

The garden just outside of my art studio is getting some new plantings this year. Some are annuals but maybe they will reseed or I can have fun adding something new each year.

new plants for Studio Gardens area

Heading for a nice pot is this stunning burgundy dahlia. I hope I can keep it in my greenhouse this year.

burgundy dahlia

Back upstairs in the front of the house is my red rhododendron I planted last year is blooming! I love that color, don’t you?

red rhododendron

Here’s a close up of the red flowers.

red rhododendron flower

In my front yard just in front of house is my shade garden. I love the way this pink azalea looks next to the variegated hosta.

variegated hosta with pink azalea

Look at this beauty, would you?! Iris’s are just so gorgeous. I wish they bloomed all summer long.

purple and white iris

Okay that’s it for today. Come back to see the rest. Also, I post photos and videos on my Facebook Garden page called Jaime’s Gardens, an artist’s garden. Check it out if you’re on Facebook here.

UPDATE: Part 2 is right here! (Click here)

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paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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