I worked out in the gardens for about 5 hours today and I’m stiffening up and can hardly move! Even my fingernails hurt. I’ve pulled weeds and mulched. When I look at what I’ve accomplished, it’s not near enough for 5 hours of sweat and pain! I’m trying to make my gardens easier for me and scaling down a tiny bit. Well that is a total lie because I’ve removed one garden but am planning another by the koi pond. Jeesh. Good thing I love it, cause it’s gonna kill me.

I peeked out the window tonight to admire my handiwork only to see the damn dog laying on the cushy 3″ of mulch I put out and crushing my newest Heuchera!! It’s a beauty, too. Georgia Peach, got it last summer. Dark pink with burgundy veining. It’s also called coral bells.

Everything is so far advanced this year. I’d say by about a month! I keep waiting for the the shoe to drop and have a snow storm. Some crazy kinda weather we’ve got more and more it seems. 

I’ve been rearranging my greenhouse too to accommodate my heirloom tomato seedlings. They have only been out in the greenhouse for two days but wow what growth they’ve put on! No pics of them yet.

Late winter and early spring is a great time in the greenhouse. All my geraniums and pelagoriums are blooming. Plants are flushing out fresh green all over. I just love it. When we are having a “normal” spring and the weather is cool, the greenhouse is so warm and green smelling. It’s a perfect sanctuary.

So here are pictures I took Sunday of what’s up in the greenhouse for the most part. I meant to take pics of my handy work from today but was too pooped to care. I’ll take some and post them soon, cause I love to get ooohs and ahhhs over my labor 😉
Purple Datura – also called Angel’s Trumpet. Flushing out from a winter slow down.

The forest-y corner with ferns, corn plants and 
philodendron. Fern’s will go back on front porch

Lantana – butterflies love this plant


See the white in the background, that is Diamond Frost Euphorbia. Great little plant.

Taken from the outside looking in. I’m standing close to my koi pond, another story there.

Bougainvillea, just so dang pretty

The wall of flowers and some dead plants, too.

Some Salvia I kept and now it’s blooming. It’s called Hot Lips, love it!

Hibiscus that I’ve overwintered for my friend

My mom’s sweet little bird statue

My friend’s overwintered orange tree and geranium

My all time favorite petunia – Burgundy Madness from seed. This coloring isn’t quite right, too much light

a vining geranium I’ve kept for quite a few years

Spike with a gorgeous little geranium that I can’t remember the variety at the moment

Scented geranium, too bad there is no smell-o-vision
I hope you enjoyed my little tour 🙂

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