Are you ready to stroll? Join me as I show you the fruits of my labor, the source of my pain… and one of my most uncontrollable passions. Gardening.
How appropriate is this? Thunder and Zoey on a stroll

Remember the Huechera I was telling you about? Here she is in all her glory… Georgia Peach!

White columbine… so pretty. But wait, there’s more… much more.

couldn’t you just eat these?! 

Pansies with their pretty little faces. Good thing I covered up the cat shit with the mulch, you’re welcome ;o)

Geum… the beautiful Mrs. Bradshaw

Joseph’s Coat, I believe

Wine and Roses Weigela (in the wind)

Oh! If you could only smell these fragrant white flags (iris)

Sedums, one of my favorite plant species

An enormous Silver Maple in our front yard. See the metal rod holding the twins together? Hopefully, it stays intact or it will smash our living room :/  I cannot bring myself to cut down any trees… they speak to my soul.

My sweet girl, Zoey

Clematis, the exquisite Miss Bateman

Now for some proof pictures of said hard work that is breaking my back… My husband saw me weeding the edges just like I do every year and him having a slight case of ocd mentioned that I might like having some edging. I was against the idea whole heartedly at first. I’m not an in the borders kinda girl. I like it wild. I’m a terrible housekeeper and I know it. The same kinda goes for my garden beds, they tend to get out of control but I like it. No fences, no borders to keep me in. If I wanna break out and make the garden go this way or that, I grab my shovel and do it. 

Well this all kinda makes him cringe. Since I have some body aches that are tending to get worse, I gave it some thought and began to think that maybe with the edges it might look a little more complete and perhaps easier to maintain and my mulch wouldn’t get mowed away. It only took the words well maybe… and we were off to the big box store to buy edging. 2 skids of it in 2 days. He saw his chance and ran with it. Before I knew it, I was unloading tons of this shit. He didn’t complain any, but wow it really wears you out. I have bursitis in my hips and they’ve been screaming ever since.

When we got the first section done, he had a look of such satisfaction on his face. I on the other hand wasn’t as happy. I thought it looked like Disney World. Too perfect and neat. I’m not a neat and tidy girl, like I said I like it wild. Thunder the cat loves it, he thinks it’s his own personal balance beam. But… it has grown on me and I did gain about 2 feet out on all my beds to plant more flowers! So here are some before and after pictures of Disney World:

Before being caged in…
and after
Before, wild and free!
after… ok I kinda like it. this bed needs a little work, it’s kinda wonky
Side view before
side view after
kitchen window chaos, ok it is a little crazy but I hadn’t weeded yet
all neat and tidy, even the sunshine likes it… meh.
shade bed before
shade bed after
one of my favorite little areas before
yeah yeah… I know

Ok, after seeing these before and after shots like this I’m starting to see it really wasn’t that great before. At least not as much as I thought it had been in my super star gardening head. Score one for the hubby. It has grown on me. I only wish we could have used a natural stone, but it was too costly. Oh well, I’ll soon have the plants flowing over 🙂 I’m going plant shopping Wednesday… yippee! I’ll share those pictures soon 😉

Still lots of work to do and boy do I have some new ideas brewing that are awesome and if they happen, I can’t wait to share them with you. BIG ideas.

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