So many people today are remembering and celebrating the life of Steve Jobs, the creative genius behind Apple, including me. My very first computer that I bought was an Apple Macintosh. It was 1995 and it looked like a pizza box. I was so thrilled to have it as I had been using nothing but Apple in college. I first worked on an Apple SE and I think it had like a 40 mb hard drive, a little black and white screen. I’ve now got an imac and a MacBook and still wouldn’t want any other computer other than a Mac. I’ve not kept up with technology other than that but if I had the money, I’d have an iphone, ipad and an ipod and all things Apple.

It is sad to lose such an innovative mind in his prime. Imagine what was to come! It’s also sad that in is this day and age that cancer is still winning. Strangely enough, I was talking to my dad on the phone when I looked up at the TV and saw that Steve Jobs had died, just as my dad informed me that his brother and my Uncle found out he has lung cancer. His biopsy was today, so fingers crossed and prayers said. This month marks 2 years for my mother dying of melanoma cancer… hard to believe but still as fresh as yesterday. I worry about my uncle, I worry about my dad. Cancer still seems like a death sentence to me and chips away at the souls of the family.

We are so lucky to be living in such exciting times technology wise. Just think about how much Steve Jobs have contributed to our lives. Made our lives better, easier and just more fun. What an amazing man and such an inspiration. How fortunate for our world to have had him. What a legacy he has left, a legacy that I am grateful for. Truly he was a great man. Thank you Steve Jobs…
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