The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketch Books (STSB) is filling up. We now have 10 participant’s including me and Stephanie, I counted wrong the other day. I’m told we may have another sistah if her computer isn’t acting quirky. Remember, we’re aiming for 12. I figure I’d give it to this Friday evening and if we don’t have anyone else interested at this time then we could draw for who gets an extra month or we could do collaborative pages.
I have now set up a Yahoo Group just for us! It’s called CreativeSistahs… Yay! Here is a link to go to Creative Sistahs. From here we can share thoughts and pictures, have a poll, start a conversation in chat and more! I thought this would be a great place to keep all our sketch book stuff and ask and answer questions. It doesn’t cost anything to join a Yahoo Group. There won’t be any spam since I have it set up to where I have to allow users access to join. So if you didn’t get an invitation for the group through your email address, then you might have forgotten to give it to me! Please do as soon as you can =) You can also just apply through the link above. Oh and by the way, my “handle” is ArtsyFartsyMe… of course!
Also, don’t forget we need 1 and maybe 2 more sistah’s! If you have a blogging buddy that you think might like to participate please ask them! You can direct them to here which is the Sisterhood post. I still haven’t got a badge yet, but I will soon. Some already have a sketch book and I encourage everyone to go ahead and find one you’ve got lying around waiting to be used (blank of course) or buy a new one. So be looking for those Blick, Michael’s and JoAnns coupons… haha. Just remember these are getting mailed each month so size and weight will impact the cost to send it $$$$.

I wanted to share a card making book I won from Therese at Design 48 through the OWOH. It’s got all kinds of inspiration in there. Thank you Therese! Unfortunately, she didn’t leave me a link for her blog and now I can’t find her. Let this be a lesson kids, leave your blog address and name on all your emails!

Have a great rest of the week!

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