Well here it is almost the middle of July and I’m showing you early June photos of my gardens. Doesn’t summer just fly by? I’ve had a bunch of projects going and frankly, taking care of all these gardens I’ve created takes quite a bit of my time although I do love it.

So on with the tour of Studio Gardens! (BTW… Studio Gardens is what I call the area in front of my art studio and greenhouse)

Okay, so pretend you carefully walked down the flagstone steps I made last year and take a look back up! It’s filling in nicely, eh? Yeah yeah, I know I need to finish mulching in between and around the pathway.

Side note: I tried to link the steps to a post about building them and couldn’t find it. That’s because I never wrote one! I’m going to fix that and write a post about the step making process. Who knows, maybe it will be helpful or inspire you at the very least. I did take the photos already, plus, I worked really hard on them all by myself! So stay tuned for it.

Steps leading to Studio Gardens

Ooh Ooh… while you’re standing there take a look at the faux stone water feature I just put in. It was my mom’s and the pump didn’t work any longer but I’ve already gotten a new one from Amazon and just need to hook it up. In the mean time, try not to get carried off by the blood sucking pterodactyls, I mean mosquitos.


Rounding the corner, you actually missed some things, but I’ll show you next time… Here’s looking across the koi pond to my new wrought iron arbor, that also came from Mom’s house. I’ve planted several vines under it and hope they take off soon. It gets a little shade from the sycamore tree over it.

See the koi pond creation here on this post.


I knew you wanted to take a closer look at the arbor… See the stacks of patio block? They are finally put down and completed my under deck patio!


The tall plant is an herb Mom always called Sweet Annie. It’s fragrance is wonderful.

Look down and see the stone I’ve been putting together like a puzzle. Sadly, I’m running out of stone and the quarry we bought it from in Kentucky has closed down.


Now look back up and see the opposite view! Try to ignore the mess under the deck.


Wanna see it from the deck? ha ha of course you do!


Back under the deck and in front of my art studio and greenhouse still sits my make shift table of plants I’ve grown from seed. They’re sitting on walking boards and saw horses, which makes a fabulous long work table by the way. But I’m ready for my view to return, so I need to hurry and plant everything.


gourds and petunias among other flowers that I’ve grown from seed just waiting for their spot in the sun.

If you’d like to see what all this area looked like last year, click here to see it. It’s a great transformation.


I’ve grown a lot of nasturtiums this year. I hope they can hold up through our hot and humid summer.


Gorgeous new variety of coreopsis called Mercury Rising

Must you go? Okay, well as you leave look next to the swing upstairs at the purple clematis in full bloom.


As you can imagine, this is just a snippet of all the photos I’ve actually taken. I’ll post another gardens tour soon and try to catch up with what is currently blooming. I’ve made a few things for the garden and can’t wait to share them with you, so please come back soon! Oh don’t forget you can sign up for my blog to be emailed to you for convenience so you won’t miss the gardens photo bonanza. You can always unsubscribe whenever you want.

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paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

some of my paintings

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