It’s been so long since I’ve shared my gardens. I think about sharing them otfen but time escapes me. However, today is the day! Studio Gardens summer has commenced.

This post is photo heavy, just a warning. I really did try to curate the photos, I have hundred that I could’ve shown! I’ve kept it down to about 20 I think. I need to post more often that way you can keep up with all the seasons because I’m just posting my most recent photos which is the early summer ones. I had a beautiful spring. Maybe I’ll bring those out in the winter and we can all dream about better weather together.

On with the show.

First, here’s Sandefur being the normal skittish kitty he’s been all year since he found us. I told you about him didn’t I? Wait! I don’t think I have. Well, that’s a story for another day. Here he is anyway, he’s a sweetheart.

Orange kitty afraid of the koi fish

Starting with a nice long view into the koi pond, we’re looking down the full length of the pond to the small deck where I have chairs, table and umbrella. I also have an arbor that had beautiful purple clematis growing up this past spring. In the forefront you can see coneflower and a hardy hibiscus just forming buds on it. Climbing up the deck is Major Wheeler honeysuckle.long view of pond

Next up is a cool photo I took as I walked out my basement door. The philodendron leaf framed the koi fish just perfectly I thought. I do wish I had moved that little fragment of a rug. I had it there drying the day before. Oh well, my gardens are never perfect.


This is what you see when you come around to Studio Gardens from my side yard. There’s a hill, make sure you don’t roll down into the lake!

My greenhouse is the foundation and there’s a few ditch lilies still flowering here and there along side of it. The arbor has more Major Wheeler honeysuckle just starting to take hold, I hope at least. Last year the morning glory took over but it was so pretty I didn’t yank it. This year, I’m trying to get the honeysuckle to claim its spot.

To the right going up the hill beside the greenhouse is the stone stairway you may remember me building some years ago. I’ve neglected it this year, so it’s not real pretty right now. We’ll just skip it for now.

Entering Studio Gardens from the yard

Studio Gardens Summer

I had to show you these fancy daylilies I have in full bloom. They are gorgeous and prolific. The darker red ones are trying to steal the show and will if they ever outnumber the orange ones.

Abundant orange daylilies along side of greenhouse

Now we’re back under the deck and peeking at the koi pond through these Blazing Star purple flowers just starting to bloom. They’ll bloom going down (you’ll see in another photo). You may also notice my pot of umbrella plant toppled over in the pond. The koi fish must’ve been getting busy in there and tore my water lily to shreds and knocked that pot off it’s pedestal.

View through the flowers

Here’s my favorite statue, the angel with a bird in her hands. Notice this year she has a wire holding her firmly to the post. That’s because I’ve been fighting the raccoons. They climb her to get up or down off the deck. It’s been a war this season with them. They’ve broken her and the only way I can make sure they won’t knock her down again is to secure it, even though it’s not very attractive.

my favorite angel statue holding a bird

I’m loving the pairing of these purple calla lilies with the white hydrangea that is finally get a foot hold. I look forward to seeing it much larger someday.

beautiful purple calla lily

This is close to the same view as the other photo but it catches the right side of the pond. Also, the Blazing Star (liatris) has bloomed more, see how the flowers have moved down? That table floating in there gives the koi fish a shady hiding spot from predators. You can also see my deck with table and chairs that I just stained this spring. The candy lily is about to bloom next to the Blazing star.

peeking through purple Blazing Star flowers at the koi fish pond.

Now, let’s move upstairs to the deck. Look down and this is what I see when it’s feeding time. The sun is just coming over the house behind me. I have 13 koi fish currently.

Looking down on the koi fish pond from the deck

Now look to the left and you’ll see my corn plant outside for a summer vacation. Also the top view of some of the other photos I’ve already shown you. We didn’t put any Aqua Shade into the lake this year, so it’s pretty lakey looking.

Closer view of Studio Gardens left side area

Okay, now look a little further to the left and this is what I see… my waterlilies massacred! Also, plants are encroaching on the stone garden path.

A view from the deck looking down and left of Studio Gardens

Alright, still standing in the same spot from the deck let’s look down again and you can see the flowers growing alongside of the stones that line the koi pond. Also, the pavers we’ve laid under the deck.

Looking straight down from deck to the plants that line the koi fish pond.

Set your gaze out a little to see the umbrella and deck. I hate it that it’s faded so much. It used to be a rich paprika color. I’m thinking of trying to dye it, let me know if you’ve done this. It’s still in great shape, just faded.

Studio Garden deck sitting area with umbrella

Just out of range past the arbor with the clematis vine (no flowers currently) is a fire pit area with the benches. I’ve let thousands of black eyed Susans grow up and they’re everywhere, probably a mistake. I’ve culled a path through them and tell myself as soon as they finish blooming I’ll yank them. They’re so thick, you can’t even tell that there’s a large paver patio back there! They haven’t bloomed yet but are just about to burst. It’ll be a sea of yellow.

A view from above on the deck looking below at the arbor

I believe this is the last photo. Just more to the right where you can see my giant philodendrons that have exited the greenhouse for their summer vacation. More orange lilies are also blooming. I love these dark orange ones. The magenta colored bee balm has already bloomed but they looked great together for a short time. I love those hot colors together. Kinda like my paintings.

The stones that line the koi fish pond as seen from above on the deck.

Of course I have a video too! It’s 5:50 long. Here’s a tip, did you know you can control the speed of the videos you watch? Just click the gear and make it faster or slower. You may have to be watching it from YouTube to access the gear, I’m not sure. Zoey, my ever faithful companion, makes an appearance in the video. She’s getting up there (about 14) and not moving around as well anymore but she still follows me around as much as she can. Heartbreak is in my near future I fear.

I have a channel on YouTube. It’s got my painting videos on there and a separate list for my gardens throughout the years. It’s neat, I think, to see the transformation over the years. Click here if you’d like to see it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Studio Gardens Summer. I have so many beautiful plants I think I’ll have another post soon on individual plants. Summertime is a slower time in the art studio for me. Obviously all these plants take most of my time along with my son being home for summer. He just got his learner’s permit last week. Wow, time is flying. How are your gardens looking?

Honey Moon Coffee Co. Art Exhibit ⬅︎

spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

Learn more about me on the ‘About’ page under the additional links menu. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts and have started created more and more of them. My most favorite thing to try to achieve in my painting is is mystery and telling mystical stories.

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