Ugh… that’s how I’ve felt the last few days. Our household has come down with a bug and we are all hacking, snotting, snoring, sluggish and miserable. Why do summer colds seem to last forever? I expect to get a cold in the winter, but I’m insulted to get sick in the beautiful summertime!

I have taken advantage of being inside and have created a few more things that I will hopefully have ready for my GeeJayCreations Etsy shop. Sales have been dreadful, but it’s probably my fault at not keeping the shop fresh by adding new stuff all the time. Summer is for being outside, I say. Except when you’re sick… ha ha. But today I got all doped up on cold meds that I had to sign my name for and got out there and watered and did a few things to cheer me up. My flowers are good at cheering me up. Tiny frogs jumping from their hiding places as I water and butterflies fluttering about. Hummingbirds dive bombing. Joy! If the snot wasn’t flowing freely from my nose every time I bent down it would be a lot more enjoyable, but I’ll take it. At least I’m not moping on the couch channel surfing. We were supposed to be enjoying a fun weekend with family in Chicago this weekend, but since we’re all sick that’s out. Hopefully another time.

Well, my movie is on Lifetime right now… hey at least I didn’t mope on the couch all day! Besides, I need to catch up on Work of ARt, which I’m behind on. Have a fun weekend my friends!

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