Today I thought I’d share more of my flowers and veggie pictures with everyone and you’ll get to see why I don’t have time to do much of anything else, ha ha.

I’ll start off with my favorite spot to sit in the morning. Our house faces east and this is the front porch where I start off my mornings waiting for Zoey to do her business. The birds are singing and the sun filters through in patches lighting up a zillion different beautiful shades of green and my flowers glistening and soaking up the gentle morning rays.

From my seat I can see my weathered weather vain that I took from my mom’s garden. She loved and collected roosters and now I do, too. I can’t talk my husband into putting it on the house so I have to be content with it stuck in a whiskey barrel.

How about these gorgeous caladiums that are stealing the show… and my chair.

I can also see my little bunny peeking from under the Vick’s Plant in the terra cotta pot. It really smells like menthol.

What garden isn’t complete without some hens and chicks?

Here’s another sweet reminder of my mother. In fact all the bunnies were hers.

I love my elephant ears. I hope I have enough energy to dig them up this year. They turned out so great I want to have them again without buying them next year. That is pink hibiscus behind them not blooming at the moment.

Another lush spot next the front walk. Love those caladiums!

While we’re in the shade, walk a bit this way around the house and see these beauties reaching for their share of sunlight. Oh and around the corner, there is Zoey playing the frog detective and she’s found a suspect.

Yes, that’s how close our house is to the lake and yes, I’m scared to death and have been ever since Asher was born. He fell in once off the dock while I was in the greenhouse but Thank God I had a sixth sense and had just put a life jacket on him. He was quite shocked though, and then thought it was great fun.

Ok, on to the front of the house again and into the sunshine. Over here I have what I call the septic pot garden. Out here in the country, we don’t have things like sewer systems, or cable for that matter. So my hubs said no digging a garden here because the septic tank is just inches below. So I improvised with whiskey barrels and pots and I’ve snuck a few plants that I know have shallow roots in to the ground.

Angelonia, what a perfect plant. It’s been sweltering and it just keeps blooming. These pots get a lot of hot direct sun for many noon time hours. I’ve dug another one up each year and kept in the greenhouse and it comes back each time.

Walk a few steps over to the swing garden.

Take a closer look at these Black Eyed Susans… just stunning. I love these happy little flowers.

Some lantana just cause it’s so pretty and the butterflies love it. Another tough plant I dig up and take in the greenhouse.

Sit in the swing, look to the right and here’s the view of the house. Happy little volunteer petunias.

So this is cheating a little. This picture is last years flowers. I forgot to take a swing picture while I was out the other day taking these pics. Oh well, a few things are different and this was taken in August last year so the morning glory is thick, which I’m beginning to wonder if it will be that hardy this year. I am relying on volunteers and didn’t actually plant any this year. Live and learn.

Ok, I have to brag a bit about my veggies. Enjoy these…

I’m popping cherry toms in my mouth as I write this post…. mmmmmm

I thought this little guy looked like a rubber ducky.

So there you have it for now. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears by now. I love to share my gardens with friends. I don’t have any friends that regularly visit in person since we are pretty far out but I’ve enjoyed having you today. Thanks for looking and I’d love any suggestions or comments. Talk to ya soon!

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