I cannot believe that summer is almost over! Where has it gone? Just like so many things in my life… it passes too quickly. While I adore fall I am sad to see the carefree days of summer gone. I loathe winter. I hate being cold. I already miss my outdoor flowers, the ones that need a drink as I write this… It’s like I get in a rush to get all kinds of things done. Like the end of summer means the end of everything. Not really, but I feel a certain melancholy to the last days of August. Even though summer really isn’t over until Sept. 20th or so, to me September means fall. Even though I can still pick tomatoes into October if we don’t have an early frost or the blight kills them all.

Fall ushers in arts and crafts shows, the great West Side Nut Club’s Fall Festival, crisper nights, brighter stars and with the soon to be changing leaves a bit of an exciting and mysterious feel to its days. The smell of fall is wonderful and I just relish the thought of the fog sweeping in and out around the low spots where I live. It’s so deliciously spooky. One great thing I always look forward to is Halloween and the great feel that comes with it. Call me weird, but I love to wander through old graveyards in the fall and take pictures and just listen to the sounds. Maybe pick up some pretty leaves or strange rocks and pebbles. Listen to the wind whisper through the drying leaves. It makes me feel alive (pardon the pun). Alive with a sense of one day too, I will be just another scrawling on a rock adding to the history. Alive with a sense that I need to try to leave more of a mark in this world than I have. Or, perhaps not. Maybe just being alive and here now is enough. The best I can do it is leave a mark on the hearts of the people I love. That’s all I really need to do. Isn’t that what’s truly important?
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