Me just chillaxing with my feet up and Zoey ready to pounce on a frog

Summer is ending. That’s right, summer as we know it, is about to come to an end. Sleeping in, long days with its carefree daylight and late summer nights, never knowing what the day will bring and just playing around all day or simply doing nothing has been our mantra this summer. But come Tuesday, school for my son starts up again.

The supplies has all been bought, the new clothes are waiting to be washed and the new shoes already got a break in, but just once. He’s ready and I guess in a way I am too. Ready to get back to a schedule and to start painting and creating on a regular basis again. I’m a night owl, so I’m not looking forward to the early mornings and rushing and arguing that will surely come with them.

view from my chillaxing chair Thunder the Jungle Cat chillaxing on the swing Zoey under my table

What I’m not ready for though is the fact that summer really is slipping away. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love fall but I really don’t like winter much with it’s cold temperatures. I can appreciate the beauty of winter, but it just seems to hang around much too long for this gardener. I love to see the green grass and millions shades of green leaves, the lushness of summer. I try to keep it as long as I can with my greenhouse but it inevitably grabs hold and my lushness of house plants that have had their own summer vacation outside start to dwindle. They get spindly looking for more light and they loose leaves and of course the flowers all but disappear until about mid February if I can keep my geraniums alive.


Oh well that is the seasons of change, right? We cannot stay the same. Life is ever changing. We must change with it. The bright side, if there is one to be found, is that if it is too chilly for me, then I stay in and will create things. I am always torn with creating things in the summer and tending to my gardens. And being incredibly lazy if I’m being honest.


Summer is ending… and fading as fast as this purple streak in my hair did : /

Me with a purple streak in my hair

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