Tuxedo cat Mocee with pink tulipHappy Birthday to my sweet kitty Mocee Mimosa Moxie. She is one year old. She was actually born on Leap Day last year but since we don’t have February 29th this year, I declare today her birthday.


I remember when we brought her home from my husband’s family farm. The picture above is from a trip there before we got her. I don’t know which one she is, they all looked alike! She has been the star of the show ever since. Asher wanted to give her a party and wrap up presents for her. I told him she would be fine without a party, but between you and me, I seriously considered putting a birthday hat on her and taking some cute pics. But no party, besides, she has plenty of toys. I moved the couch the other day and about 10 play mice were under there! She has earned her keep though, just the other day she caught a real mouse in the kitchen! Good kitty.

So here’s to our sweet Mocee. She really is a great companion and studio cat. I’m so happy to have her. Happy Birthday Mocee.

Mocee and Jaime = <3


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