New Fairy Lights in Greenhouse and a Winter Greenhouse tour

New Fairy Lights in Greenhouse and a Winter Greenhouse tour

While I was walking around in the Dollar Store before Christmas I saw these boxes of clear lights that dangle down. I had better plans for them than just Christmas lights. I bought a box for just $8 with the intention of hanging them in my greenhouse. Today, I finally...
And we’re off! Greenhouse seedlings

And we’re off! Greenhouse seedlings

It’s pretty late for me to just be getting my tomato seeds planted, but the crazy long winter has just got me out of whack and off schedule. I usually have them already going and about four or five weeks old by now ready to harden off by the last expected frost...

Greenhouse time

Well it’s that time again… Greenhouse Time! Time to get my plants in for a long winter season after vacationing outside in the warm and humid southern Indiana summer. Long for me. I love summer and just hate to see the warm weather leaving. I do have to...

Got Weed?

Okay, okay I knew that title would get your attention. What can I do? Times are hard and hits are low during the summer and this post really is about weeds. Just maybe not the kind you were thinking of. But yes, I’ve “Got Weed” as in the plural...

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