Painting 15 – Reclaiming

  Painting 15 is titled Reclaiming, 8×8 inch on masonite. Part of the “The Retaliation of Mother Nature” series. This may be the last painting in my environmental painting series titled “Reclaiming”. It is a painting of a broken roadway that once...
Painting 13 Dwell No More

Painting 13 Dwell No More

Painting #13 is titled “Dwell no more” and is part of an ongoing series I’m painting called “The Retaliation of Mother Nature”. 8″x8″mixed media I’m still exploring my environmental paintings and here is the latest...
Painting 11 – Return to Avalon

Painting 11 – Return to Avalon

Painting 11 is “Return to Avalon”, 8×8 square Whew I’m just scooting in a little after midnight and I’m ready to go to bed, so this will be quick. As in usual fashion this painting started out to be something entirely different but I have...

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