I read this on another person’s blog and wanted to test my own hue distinguishing ability with a Color Challenge. I was amazed to have scored a 4, especially since I had barely been awake for a hour! haha  The lower the score the better.

So go test yours, it will take about 10 minutes. They said women are much better at distinguishing the hues than women. Well, yeah! We always notice more things! 😉

go take your test here http://www.xrite.com/custom_page.aspx?PageID=77

here’s my results:

“This Artists Observations of the Day”
Feeling of the day: stressed – I’m not ready for Christmas, it’s almost here and I’m not ready!
I’m lovin’: that song for Target’s Christmas commercial Is It Time Yet? I can’t Wait
I am wearing: my purple robe, still 😉
I thought about today: the list of a million things to do and there was ice storm last light and the roads are horrible!
I miss: homegrown summer tomatoes and watermelon!

Best thing I did today: take a color test, made me feel that I can do something pretty good!

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