When you notice it has been a while since I’ve posted, it must be gardening season. *squeal*


For the last two weeks, I’ve been hitting it hard. In the garden that is. So the time has flown by. Mother’s Day was last Sunday and my son and husband gifted me with some new blue planters for the front entrance. I’ve wanted them for a while, I just never could decide on a color and they are pretty darn heavy!

Mother and son on Mother's Day

Myself and Asher on Mother’s Day

I can’t believe how fast Asher is growing up. He’ll soon be taller than me and it will be none too soon for him.

So I snapped a photo of the “before” area where I planned to put one of the new blue planters which I think are ceramic pots. It’s replacing the old whiskey half barrel that has rotted away.

Before photo with rotted away whiskey half barrel planter

Before photo

Here’s the after! I love it! I had some large concrete circle stepping stones that I placed underneath the pot to hopefully stop them from disintegration. Does ceramic disintegrate? The bottom isn’t glazed.

shade garden with blue glazed ceramic pot

After with new blue glazed ceramic pot

Then I did the other side. These blue planter pots flank both sides to the entrance to my home. Wish I had thought to get a photo of them both in one shot. I’ll get it later.

shade garden with blue glazed ceramic pot

The left side. Mmm that blue though.

No, I didn’t get the stickers off of them yet. Why do those dang things stick on things that you don’t want them to and never stick to the things you do?

Next photo is where I stood back a bit of the left side. The hydrangea will be blue-ish purple. I’m sure it’s because of my soil, because it was supposed to be pink. I’ve got red astilbe that will be blooming soon along with the purple campanula, so it should be a colorful affair.

shade garden with blue glazed ceramic pot

left side of walk

So of course I have to share the right side from standing back. The blue planters really set off the yellow in the heuchera (coral bells). I may tuck in some impatiens for more color.

shade garden with blue glazed ceramic pot

Would you look at these beautiful Siberian Iris’s that are shown here in full bloom down in Studio Gardens. That’s a hibiscus tree I brought out from the greenhouse in the background. I’ve got lots of photos of what all is going on in the gardens this past week that I’ll share very soon. Everything changes so fast! I hope you come back and see them.

Siberian irises in full bloom

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day. I spent time with my son so what more could I ask for? I sure miss my mom though. I remember when I took this photo, it was my birthday. *sigh*

Mom and Dad

Mother and son on Mother's Day

Always a silly face these days but still my sweetie.

paintings by Jaime Haney

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