Well, my posts have been few and far between lately and that is because I have been basking in the Florida sun for the last 2 weeks. I got some much needed R&R but am glad to be back home. Not many of you knew I was gone, nothing like posting to the world “Hey, my house and all my earthly belongings are sitting there out by their selves for two whole weeks! Come and get ’em!” so I didn’t.

The first week we spent every day on the beach and it was fabulous. The ocean was lapping on my feet but I really didn’t come back with much of a tan because I was under the umbrella with a book most of the time… ahh heaven. Some of you may remember that I lost my dear mother to skin cancer last October, so we went through about 5 cans of sunscreen. I kinda go overboard, but better safe than sorry. I thought of her a lot while I watched the ocean. She loved the ocean. I still miss her terribly, I guess I will never stop.

My son had a blast as always but I think two weeks was just a little too much for him because by the second Wednesday he was crying that he wanted to go home. With the hurricanes that had been around churning up the ocean, we got some beautiful shells that we usually don’t get. Nothing spectacular, but still treasures to me.

So today it’s back to a normal day, school and work so I’m quickly trying to catch up but wanted everyone to know why it’s been a little lean around here. While I was gone I had my mail on hold so I got home to my beautiful earrings by A Word From Plantress and they look even better in person… Thank you Plantress!! I love them!!!

I took 528 photos while in Florida, so I’ll be sharing some of them along with thoughts and other stuff coming up. I even bought an original piece of art and will share that in a post coming up. This week is crunch time for me though, I have an art show this coming Saturday so I will be very busy getting ready for it. But I will be visiting everyone’s blogs very soon!
Thank you all who have stuck with me, I really enjoy all the friendships I’ve made here in this wonderful blogland. All your comments make my day and I love to read about your days and what you all are up to as well. Stay tuned because after this next show I plan to have my very first give-away!
Everyone have a wonderful week and enjoy this last bit of summer that we have.

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