First of all, I have wanted to post this tutorial of my Tree Spirit Halloween costume and face paint for literally two years. I’m finally getting around to it. I painted this creation two years ago! Wha??? Time flies, it truly feel like it just happened.

I did write a post about the party that I attended with lots of fun photos, go here when you’re done to get a laugh.

I’ve made an actual video for this tutorial, but I have to warn you… it’s long. Like 35 minutes long. The full length it took to paint my face. I added a second video that is 5 minutes long because I had forgotten to do some stuff and needed to show it. If you want to get all the tips on how I do things, give it a looksy. You can paint your own face right along with me and see every move I make. Sometimes that is the best way to learn, to just watch.

I did make screen shots of the main phases of the Tree Spirit face paint tutorial though so if you’re short on time this may be the way to go. Or if you’re just looking for ideas. They are at the bottom of this post.

Speaking of ideas… I need to make my 2017 Halloween costume! I’m one week away from co-hosting my very own Halloween Costume Party!!! Yes I am doing it! My friend Jody (in the photo below) and I are both absolutely nuts for Halloween and last year, my friend Denise, who always has the costume party that I have attended all these years, flaked out on us. Well, really she just had too much on her plate. She does catering and was too busy to commit to the work that it takes. I understood, but man I missed the fun. She always went all out. (see party link above)

Evil Woodland Fairy & Frightful Carnival Macabre

Evil Tree Spirit (Me) & Frightful Carnival Macabre

Okay, on with Tree Spirit!

First I’ll post the video here. Then a slideshow of the screen shots I took from the video and lastly, I’ll post thumbnails that open to larger images when you click on them to help you see the images better.

Before you ask, I use these products in the video and photos.

  • Face paint – by Snazaroo and Tulip. Other great brands are Tag and Wolf. I mention in the video as a good place to get supplies. Michaels and Hobby Lobby also have some of the brands.
  • Brushes – I use craft brushes and Snazaroo face paint brushes from Michaels.
  • Sponge – This handy tool makes it sooooo much easier. In the video, I give a tip about buying the round sponge from FacePaintingForum and cut it in half.

Here are the two videos:

Here’s the slideshow and below it is the thumbnails that open to larger photos when you click on them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve got an idea of what I’ll be this year, but I ain’t tellin’! You’ll just have to come back and see for yourself. I’m also painting my friend Jody’s face and upper body for her costume. She’s going to be a mystic with a third eye. She’s even got got milky white contact lenses for her eyes!! We got that idea from Pinterest.

Man, if you’re short on ideas for costumes and none of mine are doing it for you then go type in Halloween costumes on Pinterest and you’ll have more ideas than you have time for! Don’t forget I have a page dedicated to all my costumes here.

Minecraft Villager Halloween costume

Minecraft Villager Halloween costume

Clothing for Tree Spirit costume

Oh and I almost forgot the actual wearing costume. Ugh. Like I said I was rushed and had been busy making my sons Minecraft Villager costume and head for him (and his buddies I might add!) see above, consequently I didn’t have time to really make the clothing top notch. My kid comes first.

Jody saw this skirt idea (off Pinterest)… so she and I decided to put it together last minute. Big mistake. I look like a psycho frumpy fairy hag. Let me just say, if you’re short and round at all – like me 😉 and you add tulle to all that – ain’t nothin’ gonna look good… just bigger. Same goes on top… if you’re endowed at all, that gauzy shirt tucked in made my chest look like two grapefruits hanging in tube socks. Gah! I can’t believe I’m even showing this horrible photo! Ah well, it’s all I had.

Party Ready!

Party Ready! Don’t we look thrilled. haha – I had already looked at myself in a full length mirror!

Well If you can’t be a good example than you’ll have to be a horrible warning. Don’t wait till the last minute. Hmmm… I need to take my own advice and get this year’s costume going!

I really wish I had taken photos of my head piece. It really turned out nice I thought. To begin, I cut several weeping willow branches off the trees in the front yard and fashioned a circle for my crown using floral wire. Next, I gathered from my yard – pine cones, moss, leaves, feathers and flowers. It needed a pop of orange, so I also used a couple silk leaves because they were the right color. Lastly, I hot glued then all on in a nice design. Voila!

Tree Spirit Thumbnails

Here are those thumbnails I promised. Have fun and I’d love to hear of your best costume you’ve ever come up with! Leave me a comment, please!

Tree Spirit face

My Tree Spirit Face

Finally, thanks for following along with one of my life long crazy obsessions. I hope you liked my Tree Spirit idea and its execution. I actually re-did my Tree Spirit face paint after the party on a day my son was at school. I knew I’d want to share how I did it here on my website. My first one was sloppy and done way too quickly, plus I didn’t get any photos. Also, I painted my friend’s makeup that day, too. Photo at top of the Frightful Carnival Macabre.

Scaring you later…

paintings by Jaime Haney

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