A couple of weeks ago, I created two new tulip landscape paintings. My thought for painting them besides my love of flowers, was Mother’s Day. So, I sent out a call for flower suggestions for paintings to my email list.

I had some suggestions, but one stood out because my subscriber sent along photos of the most incredible tulip garden I’ve even seen. I knew I had to paint at least a couple of the many photos she sent. The magnificent tulips are in a private garden on the Ohio River in a small nearby town called Newburgh.

A sketch of tulips on a white gesso'd board.

Occasionally, I’ll ask for reference photos, ideas or suggestions from my email list. I’m always delighted with the warm response I get. My collectors and subscribers are so special to me.

I love to share with them my newest paintings and give them first chance at them, at least by a few hours. Special perks also include little surprises every now and then like exclusive downloads of phone wallpaper. If you’d like to join my email list, just sign up here.

Sketch of lots of tulips before painting.

In the photos above, I show my sketch for the tulips paintings and then my first painting on them. Brushstrokes to actually cover up the sketch. I’m not sure if I’ll continue that process or not. It might have just been wasted time. I was practicing some new techniques I have recently learned, but I’m not sure it actually helped me or improved my paintings.

A magenta background painted on a board for tulips painting.

It’s good to vary the process, I think. If for nothing else, it shows me what I don’t like or want to do. Who knows, I might run into something that helps me and I don’t want to miss out on that. Above, is a magenta underpainting. It barely shows in the end, so it may have been another waste of time.

The beginning of a tulips painting.

The above photo is what I’d call a messy middle. It reminds me of a bad Miami Vice wardrobe. Hah! 80’s colors. But there’s a method to my madness.

A landscape painting of tulips on the Ohio River in prgress.

As I made progress on the landscape painting above, I really enjoyed using the photo provided and taking a little creative license to add a better view of the Ohio River.

Painted pink tulips with yellow centers in a garden bed.

Here’s the finished painting of the the pink with yellow centers tulips. These were fancy tulips and so beautiful. It’s hard to do Mother Nature justice.

A painting of red and yellow tulips in the spring with the Ohio River in the background.

Finally, the finished landscape with the river and trees. The pink tulips painting didn’t come as easy to me as the red tulips did. That’s the way it goes.

I am offering prints of these two paintings. Happily, the originals have sold. Now, I’ve got a couple of geraniums sketched and ready to paint on my easel. Spring is so inspiring!

My gardens are growing like gangbusters. I’ll be sharing them on my blog here soon. All this past weekend (Mother’s Day weekend) I was pulling weeds, trimming off deadwood and tying up rose canes. It’s crazy busy, but I love this time of year and it’s going by fast.

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paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings I’ve created

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