So I’m outside filling all my empty bird feeders before this new snow storm hits us and someone drives up. I heard them from far away because we live out in the middle of nowhere. I thought it was the meter reader showing up later than normal but noooooo… he got out and said he was with the county assessor checking up on their records to see if everything still matched. I instinctively said “oh no” and he kinda laughed. I guess that is a usual response.

He was a nice enough guy and pretty good looking too, so it was hard to be mean. So I answered all his questions as innocently as possible and we exchanged pleasantries then he started measuring our fairly new pole barn and he was gone. (cha ching I’m thinking) Oy. How much more is this going to cost us?
I guess it was good I was home to answer because he told me what was on his paper of having 9 rooms and I was like “what?!” We don’t have nine rooms. He said they just guess if no one is there to answer questions and from older assessments. He said he corrected a few things that may help us, but I get that sinking feeling that is not going to be the case. Especially when he told me what Indiana is assessing land at now. Like $17,000 an acre!!!! Let me tell you, it’s nowhere near what you’ll actually get out here in Posey County which is probably closer to $3400 an acre, if you’re lucky!
Well that’s my woe is me story for today, cry with me! woooooaaahhhhhhh 🙁
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