Painting I made called "Unrequited"So while I was in Florida I did manage to get a little painting in. I don’t pack up my paints, brushes and canvas when I go (yet) but I do take my ipad and I use a professional program to create digital paintings. I love to sit on the balcony listening to the ocean, it’s very inspiring for me. For some reason I tend to create abstracts digitally more often than not.

A little about this painting titled “Unrequited” and why I named it Unrequited: I painted the passionate abstract circle to represent the never ending cycle of love given and not returned, yet it is still given. The beautiful colors represent love itself with twists and turns swirling to infinity but never meet.

A little deep, but it truly was what I was thinking as I painted. It makes me so happy to hear comments about my work, if you like something I’ve created I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment how you feel about the piece or share my post and/or website using the buttons above or the share button just below.

Oh and if you’re interested in this painting… it’s for sale of course! Prints which include canvas prints (no frame required), acrylic prints (ultra slick and modern) and prints on metal (so cool!) are available at my print on demand store here. Prices start at just $5 (USD) for a greeting card and a large 20″x20″ print is only $50.

Have a great weekend!

p.s. I’ve recently discovered the joy of Instagram! If you would like to join me, my handle is JaimeHaney

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