I’ve been working on some sweet little painted Valentine’s art. Something I would like to receive myself… you know with hearts, flowers and vines all over it. I dig the flowery sickening sweet romantic stuff. I can’t help it, I’m a girly girl at heart and St. Valentine’s day is the perfect time and excuse to be all flowery.

This one, which is still a work in progress, is called “You’re growing on me”. Appropriate, don’t you think? I gave you a sneak peek of the background when I was sharing my greenhouse photos with you. It seemed romantic to me, and this is what it’s led to. Here are some progress photos I took along the way.

pink and yellow background washes on paper

backgrounds for Valentine’s art apparently

The initial sketch in white pastel pencil of Valentine’s art below:

initial sketch of valentine's artI love vines and leaves and of course flowers. You probably know that though if you’ve read any of my posts or have seen my artwork.

heart with painted vines, leaves and soon to be flowers

I had to add the white so my colors would pop for the flowers over top of the dark greenery.

heart with painted vines, leaves and flowers work in progress

I’m still adding a little tweak here and there, but it’s nearly finished. I’ll be selling the original matted and may have a frame option as well, prints will also be available. Valentine’s Day is just three weeks away. Give art for St. Valentine’s Day ~ it will be enjoyed everyday.

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