As from a previous post, I talked about how visiting art galleries while on vacation is a lot of fun and good way to see new and exciting art. I recently visited The Hub on Canal for the first time and I wanted to continue to share with you some of the great and inspiring artists work that I saw while I was there.

This has a lot of photos, but I wanted to finish up the art galleries post and not have a third! So just enjoy the virtual gallery show.

I couldn’t figure out who is the artist for this sculpture because I didn’t get the title card in the shot. I tried to get the card in each so I could go back and give the artist credit. I think it may be the work of Katty Smith.

Three women sculpture

Next, are two from the same artist, Isabel Badea, because I liked them both and was pretty intrigued with this artist’s digital mixed media work.

a mixed media painting of a wood nymph by artist Isabel Badea

Mermaid and octopus mixed media painting

I thought this was interesting, recycled telephone parts by Kathi Smith. I have a friend, Deb, who makes art with bits and pieces she finds all over the place. They’re very intricate.

Telephone Man recycled sculpture by artist Kathi Smith

Kathi Smith also created these pieces below. I thought they were cool because I’ve not seen anyone combine painting and 3d sculpture like this. I don’t know if the heads are clay or paper mache but the way it’s connected is done very well.

Works by artist Kathi Smith combining 2d painting and 3d sculpture in one art piece.

I liked the small vignette of this artist’s table splattered in paint with her brushes and business cards along with the sweet bumble bees painting. Bumble Bee watercolor painting by Sheri Zanosky.Bumble Bee watercolor painting by SHERI ZANOSKY

The glasswork of artist Nancy Wadelton was unique and pretty.

Glass art booth by NANCY WADELTON

Nancy also created this cute little glass crab coming out of its shell that my mom would have loved. Her sign was cancer and she collected shells and crabs.

Glass crab by NANCY WADELTON

I liked the color combinations of these abstract paintings by Cheri Erdman.

Abstract paintings by CHERI ERDMAN

The soulful eyes of the sculptures by Katty Smith were haunting but I liked them.

Sculpture by Katty Smith

Here are various artworks on display by Nancy Charles (paintings), Katty Smith (Zebra head) and Fay Samimi (mannequin woman).

artwork on display by Nancy Charles, Katty Smith and Fay Samimi

Sculptures by Frederick Goldstein.

sculptures by Frederick Goldstein

I love tropical looks but was especially attracted to the dark background of a few of the oil paintings by Anne Higginbotham.

tropical oil paintings by ANNE HIGGINBOTHAM

The coastal theme of paintings by Trish Vevera were nice, but I was really loving the abstract vividly colored large painting of what I think are palm trees.

paintings by TRISH VEVERA

There were a few artists that I grabbed their business cards because I really wanted to look deeper into their work and this was one of them by Joyce McAdams. Her medium is mixed media but it’s more her color palate that I love. I definitely want to learn more about Joyce. I don’t know why I didn’t get more photos of her work, I remember there being a gorgeous scarf with her work printed on it that I am wishing I had bought, maybe I can buy it on her website.

mixed media art by Joyce McAdams

Here’s the street view of The Hub on Canal that I shot as I was leaving. My son and husband were in the car waiting for me, so I had to practically run through the gallery! Some things are just better done alone.

The Hub on Canal Street art gallery street view

Well we’ve come to the end of the virtual art galleries tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos of these artists, I know I get inspired just by viewing them again.

Do you ever go to any art galleries while in another town on vacation? How about buying art to remind yourself of the vacation or the places you traveled to or people you were with or saw? I’d love to hear about your favorite piece you have and where you got it. Please share in the comment section, I may share mine too!

paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

some of my paintings

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