Visiting art galleries while on vacation is a great way to experience new and exciting artists that you may never have heard of. We all need to have plans for the not so great weather days while on vacation and visiting art galleries is not only a good way to fill that need, it’s a great way to help support living artists. Besides… support the living artists… the dead ones don’t need the money!

I did just that while in Florida a few weeks back. If you happened to have read my post about our trip to New Smyrna Beach then you know we are mostly a beach going family while in Florida, but there are many great galleries to be seen in most all the cities. I visited The Hub on Canal for the first time and it was fantastic! I wanted to share with you some of the great and inspiring artists work that I saw while I was there.

I split this up into a couple posts because I wanted to share a lot of photos. So this will be considered Visiting Art Galleries, part 1.

On with the show.

Hub on the Canal is located at 132 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It’s very attractive and inviting inside.

inside Hub on Canal

The very first thing I saw when I walked in and of course was instantly drawn to, were these beautifully sculpted crows called “The Scallywags” by Tad Fyock.

crows scuptlure

Then I rounded the corner and saw the most picturesque art studio of Pamela Ramey Tatum. Her beautiful painting on her easel awaiting her return.

artist's work station

I sure wish my photos had turned out better, but here are some colorful paintings that caught my eye by Deborah Mongato.

colorful paintings by Deborah Mongato

Fiber art wall hangings by Linda Hoffmeister. I loved the graphic look of her work.

fiber art wall hangings of LINDA HOFFMEISTER

I loved the style and mystery of paintings by Clare Radigan.

paintings by Clare Radigan

The color palette of paintings by Sandra DeArmas Lloyd reached out and grabbed me. They reminded me somewhat of my color palette, vivid!

paintings by Sandra DeArmas Lloyd

The offbeat style and colors charmed me by Renee Schwadron Lewis.

Renee Schwadron Lewis paintings

I’ve seen a lot of poorly done collages, but the mixed media collages by Cindy Burkett were outstanding. I’m a sucker for most cat and dog images, but all of her very graphic quality art really was pleasing to my graphic designer eye. Looking closely at these paintings was a treat.

Cindy Burkett collages

This “Catfish” sculpture by Fay Samimi, ceramic artist, was so whimsical and haunting at the same time! I loved the way the cat’s paw is pushing the card closer to you. Nice touch.

Catfish sculpture by Fay Samimi

The unique art of Joshua Rosen was a bit strange but very intriguing at the same time.

unique art of Joshua Rosen

I’ll leave you with a couple laughs. These collages did that for me. A collage of Whistler’s mother catching some air & Mona Lisa with Vincent Van Gogh after getting to know each other a little better by Barry Kite.

Whistler's mother collages by Barry Kite

Van Gogh and Mona Lisa collage by Barry Kite

More to come.

paintings by Jaime Haney

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