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If you’re an American citizen and are able to vote, I hope you’re getting out there to vote today. No matter our differences of opinion, I’m sure we all cherish our constitutional right to vote.

Today, my husband and I drove to our polling station and there were a few more people than normal. I live in a very rural area, so I hope that just means that we all are voting as normal.

This has been a very debated presidential election, I hope friendships have not been lost over it. I’ve been quiet myself as to which way I’m voting, I don’t feel the need to share it. Although I’ve seen some very passionate people debate over it on both sides. That’s one reason we should all continue to vote. We don’t ever want to lose that option to choose.

Soon, all the smoke will clear and it will once again be business as usual and this will all go down as one for the books. I will be glad for the never ending political ads to be over with, you cannot escape it.

I voted, did you?

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