I’ve got 2015 wall calendars made. It features 13 paintings counting the cover. All printed on premium heavy card stock glossy paper.

Here’s a tip, when you’re done with a month, cut it up and frame it – tada! Repurposed! I love the phrase repurpose, recycle or reuse and this fits right in with that philosophy.

You’re not only getting a wall calendar, you’re getting a slew of prints. It’s like getting 13 paintings (prints) for very little money. You can fancy up all those walls that could use a little splash of color. Need a piece of art for the living room, kids room, hallway, laundry room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? There you go.

Limited quantities of last years calendars are still available (I went a little overboard) if you’re interested in it for the same purpose. Just contact me.

They make great gifts and are perfect for the office, too. Click here to buy now! Just $25 + tax if you’re in Indiana and $6.10 Priority shipping in the US.

2015 wall calendar with paintings by Jaime Haney on each month

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