acrylic painting on paper

Water for Elephant

As I paint this type of painting, which I call an intuitive painting, I start with a white gesso’d substrate and use a brush with india ink to start painting random lines. I then allow the painting to basically paint itself. It morphs into a scene that I see intuitively and I pull out what wants to be seen. I never know what the final painting will look like entirely until the piece tells me it’s finished. After the india ink, I paint mostly with metallic acrylics but also non metallic. I like to use vibrant colors. The end result for the original is a shimmering beautiful piece that reminds me of a painted mosaic. The flatness of the india ink and the contrast of the shimmering metallic is something I like very much.

Water for Elephant contains two elephants, do you see them? There is also an illusion with one of the elephants. One appears to also be a horned screaming spirit depending on where your eye goes first. I originally saw three tulip flowers as I painted my first strokes with india ink, but decided to keep going and looking for something else. I’m glad I did as I think this image is much more interesting.

Prints will not be printed with metallic ink. Only the original contains it.

I am very drawn to this style right now, so please check back for more to come.

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