Like a thief in the night, 2017 came in and was gone before I knew it. So welcome 2018! I hope you stick around longer than 2017 did.

I rang in the new year the same as most years, with my hubby, son and long time friends, Bryan and Robin, for a night of eating, games, laughter and fun. We played Euchre and UNO all night and into the wee hours of the morning. We have a standing date it seems with each other on New Year’s Eve. Our partying days are long over out in the bars and clubs, so we all enjoy each other’s company instead. Isn’t great to have friends? We’ve been friends for over 20 something years and have celebrated many New Year’s together. We always have a fun time together. We even vacation together occasionally.

Friends on New Year's Eve

Happy New Year!

The hubby and me

No smiles to be had by Asher at this age – only funny faces.

After many games, we finally headed home in the cold. As we drove home, I noticed it was 5 degrees F – What a way to welcome 2018! What is with this weather?! Brrr… I don’t like it this cold.

With the new year comes new opportunities and new paintings. Another year for my art business, too! I’m excited to see what the new year will bring.

The past few weeks, I’ve been taking a break from painting while getting ready for the holidays. I’m kinda ready to get back into our routine and back to my art studio. Lots of new ideas are swirling around up there in my head. School starts back up on Thursday and with it the routine. I have enjoyed sleeping in as always, but the cold weather has put a damper on a lot of outings. It’s been just frigid. Our lake is totally frozen now and last winter season it didn’t freeze up at all.

frozen lake

Frozen lake.

Isn’t that a pretty view though? I have a pretty photo here too of close to the same view only in the beautiful snow. Go take a look if you like.

Reflecting over the night, I feel a warm feeling of gladness (it wasn’t the champagne!) I got to welcome the new year with great friends and family – what could be better than that? Making memories are what life is made of. So what did you do to welcome 2018 and who did you get to spend it with?

some of my paintings

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