The boys – Thunder (r) and Lightning (l)

We’ve been adopted by two gray and white kittens. These two are not from the liter I talked about earlier in the summer, those little guys got moved by their momma and I never saw them again. These kittens came out from their hiding place and came up to our front door last week. We took them back, since we knew where the hiding place was (I still have poison ivy from finding it… haha) and they came back later that evening and came running when they heard our voices. They are adorable of course, and Asher is thrilled. I thought well, I could use some mousers outside so why not? So here I am wanting to bring them in now and thinking about how am I going to bring this up with A. the husband and B. the 18 year old princess cat, Glove. I’ve already named them, Thunder and Lightning. I’d say they are between 4-6 weeks old, or about there. 

stealing hearts
It’s love.
I was worried that Zoey, our dog, would hurt them so I’ve had them in a kennel outside while we were away this past weekend to the Smoky Mountains and discovered that they had escaped and apparently Zoey is not going to kill them… thankfully. She was scaring me before because she would pick them up with her mouth and carry them around kinda rough and also nudge them pretty hard knocking them down. She seems to want them on their back and them proceeds to nibble on them. Maybe she thinks they are her puppies? I’ve never had a mama dog, so I don’t know how they act. I was told when we got her that she had had a litter of pups.
Zoey keeping a watchful eye on the kittens (and wondering if she’s in trouble for being in chair!)

When I put them in the big dog size kennel, I had a cute little fuzzy bed and blanket for them and their own litter box with food and water all neat and tidy and they had it dirty, food everywhere walking in the liter box and then the food within 60 seconds flat. I’ve forgotten what it was like to have kittens. I’ve never had two at one time and man can they be little terrors… haha but they are so incredibly cute they are forgiven immediately. They are hungry all the time and very vocal about it. I can’t get over how loud they are!
Being loud, but still cute

Well, so welcome our newest family members… Thunder and Lightning.

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