Today, I got my pots out that I had started last summer. I was in the process of priming these smaller pots last June when I got the call from my mom telling me she had cancer. They’ve been sitting in my studio ever since. Actually, the one I had half primed when I took her call is still there on the shelf, a reminder of that fateful day that changed my life so drastically. I’m certain that she would want me to continue to create and I wish she could see these and help me in the next direction that they are to take.

I’m adding more layers of the sunflower one because I screwed up and painted the whole pot ultramarine blue and should’ve masked out the flower first. So more and more yellow layers I have added and hardly made a difference. ahhh… live and learn… my motto.

I really like the direction the red one is taking. It’s hard to see by this picture, but I have a little purple at the bottom that turns into red and then splashes of yellow at the top. It looks prettier in real life. The pot in the front is actually more teal than it’s showing here. I didn’t mess with the picture, I just uploaded it the way it was.

I’m not sure what I’m going to add to the pots, but I feel they are not finished. I hope to have these finished by the weekend because I am going to the Farmer’s Market this Saturday and hope I can sell them. I thought about adding an herb in it… Mom’s favorite one that I have an abundance of… Sweet Annie.

What are you’re thoughts on price for these little one of a kind pots? I was thinking $10 each. 2 of them have saucers, which I may tack on $2 for them.

So… whatcha workin’ on?

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