I’m very worried today, my beautiful and sweet Banshee, a Siberian Husky, who is about 11 has not been seen in 24 hours. I fear the worst. She has been having a hard time getting up and for some strange reason lately when not sleeping, she wanders the yard and circles the house over and over, like for hours! Well maybe not hours, but a very long time.

I looked everywhere with a flash light for her last night. I whistled and she always comes when I whistle, but not last night. She did not eat, it stormed and I am beside myself. All the while trying to act normal around Asher. We live way out in the country and she is allowed to wander around and usually sticks around our property. We inherited a “Lassie” dog when we moved in our home, named Lexy, and she ran off to die, I can only assume. I looked for days for her and never found her. I still look when I walk around in our woods but have never found her. I didn’t have the same connection as I do with Banshee, but I still was very saddend when she was gone. It’s that feeling of never really knowing that is so hard. I hope Banshee comes home. She is very nearly blind now and I am so scared she will not ever return.

Right after I posted this I went looking for her again. I found her! She was down in a gulley in a wheat field, poor thing. Her sweet little head was poking above the green. She is not a barker and I just happend to see her. Thank God! I could tell she couldn’t walk or get up. I went down to her, I hope the farmer understands! She couldn’t even stand. I picked her up and carried her uphill to my car in the mud all the while trying to be as careful as I could. She is in sad shape because her poor little back end is collapsing on her. She has been having trouble with that and I guess it is getting worse. I called a friend who worked for vet for a long time and asked her what I could do for her. Our vet is closed and the emergency service is terribly expensive. I know it is not a life or death situation or I would just charge it, no matter the cost. She is drinking and eating. I have given her the right amount of aspirin to hopefully ease her discomfort and we will be making a trip to the vet on Monday. My friend said her dog is on a pill for arthritis and it is about $3 a day. ouch. But she also said there are other medicines to try and my dog is about 1/3 the size hers is. So thank you for your prayers that were sent my way! She’s home 😀
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