work in progress of painting "Tropical Getaway" in my dark studioOn the way down to my greenhouse this morning to check on my seedlings, I snapped a picture of my current work in progress, an acrylic tropical landscape painting with two red bungalows called Tropical Getaway. This is where I’m at as of last night. Below are some earlier in progress of painting "Tropical Getaway" underpainting

The above is the underpainting and the little quaint red bungalows; below is the first addition of adding the jungle like foliage. I would love a front yard like that, but I’ve always loved plants and they have never needed to have a flower attached to them for me. I am a green lover. work in progress of painting "Tropical Getaway" 2

While browsing on the net, this photo caught my eye and I’d like to give credit to the photographer (although I’ve changed up the painting from the original photo so not to copy it exactly). As soon as I find the photo again, I’ll give credit. There are a lot of photos that look similar because this is a museum called the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok. Wouldn’t you love to stay here? I would.

UPDATE: To see the tropical landscape painting a little further along, click here for this blog post. Or you can now purchase a print online of this painting here in my shop.

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