sketchbook painting

I feel like a Wild Wednesday. I’m just barely making it in for Wednesday, but I thought this fun sketchbook painting had a wild feel to it. Just loosening up and playing with paint. It’s nice to just paint for paintings sake. No thought before hand just laying brush to paper. I used India Ink to start out making lines that had no meaning and then it starts talking to me. I began to see the eyes and ornaments. The candy piece is a nod to Christmas and actually was a happy accident.

This is page for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks that has all but come to a halt. I’m just as guilty as some for not finishing the books and sending them on. I hope to send this out by the weekend. This goes in Kim’s book for a December installment. I’ve already done a December for someone (Andrea) and I don’t understand what’s happened, but I’ll go with it. No harm. I know it doesn’t look very Christmas-y or Decemberish but I started out thinking sparkly and lights and ornaments as I painted but then the eyes came to me and I started to feel kinda sad.

Christmas is supposed to be happy but for a lot of people it isn’t. Sometimes me. I miss my mom so much and she just loved Christmas. Hard to get over things, and somethings you just don’t get over. Anyway, this is how I feel at Christmas since she’s been gone and that was the point of the books. To evoke emotions that you have (or memories) of the month you are to paint or create something in.

Not the best photo, I really should take another but it’s late. I can tell you it’s much more colorful and metallic in person 🙂


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